The Library Chronicles: A 1940s Saturday-matinee style short film serial entitled "The Library Chronicles". <br />A black-and-white comedy-horror pastiche, it is an amalgam of Ed Wood films, The Twilight Zone, David Lynch's Eraserhead, and Orwellian tales like Gilliam's Brazil, and of course 1984. <br /><br />The story: In a dark and desolate "Future", a supremely powerful bureaucracy has outlawed all art forms. The world has taken many steps backward in terms of technology and civilization - it is now a hodgepodge of modern junkie neighborhoods, 1940s Noir, and Victorian London. Literature has become the drug of choice, and the few wandering the streets indulge and corrupt themselves in the pursuit of the meekest scraps of book-knowledge. <br />Our tale is that of a rogue Librarian, a mysterious and devilish soul who runs an underground Library, forcing all who enter to follow his own cruel and violent creed.