The last kilometer. An upcoming documentary movie that faces cycling at 360 degrees through five characters, five stories: Cadel Evans, Ignazio Moser, Davide Rebellin, italian journalist Gianni Mura and a group of cycling fans.<br /><br /><br /><br />SYNOPSIS<br />The last kilometer. The bunch is all together, every cyclist is tense like a knot of nerves, victory and dreams are still available for each rider.<br />This is bicycle, this is its sport, cycling, a perfect metaphor of life.The Last Kilometer is a movie that faces cycling at 360 degrees through 5 characters, 5 stories:<br /><br />Ignazio Moser - son of Francesco Moser. Young rider full of strength and dreams, above all the<br />Paris-Roubaix, the legendary road race in northern France. <br />Cadel Evans - international star, first Australian rider to win the Tour de France, last year. Will he be able to repeat in 2012?<br />Davide Rebellin - 40 years old, last year he returned to victory against all odds.<br />But after the scandal of Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, when he was forced to return his silver medal, for many his name only represents the dark side of cycling, doping.<br />Gianni Mura - the "suiveur", a well-known italian journalist who every year, since the 60's, writes his Tour de France chronicles. <br />The Fans - fans and fan clubs willing to follow their idol everywhere, ready to shout for his victories and to soothe his defeat.<br />_________________________________<br /><br />Like it? Get involved!<br />Actually we are working at the movie production: filming, making interviews, following riders and races.<br />The movie will be out at the end of 2012, but it is now that you can really help becoming a co-producer of The Last KM.<br />If you're a company, we're currently looking for production partners and sponsors<br />Contact us!<br />If you're a private, you can support us pre-ordering your dvd copy: