6-piece Punk/Rock band hailing from Essex (UK). Debut album 'At Sixes And Sevens' out 17th September 2012 via Visible Noise. Get it now at the sites below...<br /><br />iTunes:<br />Amazon:<br /><br />HMV:<br /><br /><br /><br /><br />With a punk attitude and a desire to never be pinned to a single genre, The Dead Formats are an Essex sextet who believe in pushing boundaries both musically and socially.<br /><br />The band have often been compared to the likes of Gallows and Lostprophets, and perhaps this is more stylistically true than one might think. All three bands have used driving guitar music and great bands from the past as a springboard into their own sound, and all three bands' sounds remain ultimately undefinable. The Dead Formats are undeniably British - in their accents, their style, their attitude and their influences. Their strongest roots lie in 70's punk bands such as The Jam, The Buzzcocks and The Sex Pistols but as bass guitarist Jon Poulten says, "It’s not about reliving the past with our music, though at the same time it’s definitely something worth remembering."<br /><br />'At Sixes and Sevens' is the sound of a band fulfilling their potential as one of the UK's best kept secrets. The title reflects growing up in the midst of recession and political apathy. Poulten continues - "We didn't want to write a record based around the state of the country. But at the same time it becomes hard to ignore when it's having such a marked effect on us and everyone else. The title 'At Sixes and Sevens' and much of the lyrical content of the album reflects a stage where everything seems to be changing and you’re left feeling nothing but jaded and confused. Life isn't the pretty picture your teacher paints at school."<br /><br />Get on board with one off the UK’s brightest hopes now as they lay down their plans for their inevitable world domination.