Gavin Chase gaming jobs and gambling careers from the betting headhunter - The demand for consultancy orientated talent acquisition services from experienced, proactive and knowlegeable recruitment search professionals will intensify, specifically from those who deliver niche offerings around specific markets. <br /><br />If you are seeking top performers in the gaming, gambling and entertainment industries who specialise in: <br /><br />• Bingo <br />• Casino <br />• Spreadbetting <br />• Poker <br />• Bookmaking <br />• Mobile applications <br />• Sportsbook <br />• Operations, security, fraud, transactions <br />• P2P <br />• Premium rate services <br />• Malta, Gibraltar, Isle of Man, London, Panama & Asian markets <br />• Retail gambling <br />• Online iGaming <br />• Affiliate marketing, PPC, SEO, Social media <br /><br />..perhaps we should be speaking in order to ensure that your business has access to them. Remember, successful companies recruit the A players who are not necessarily on the hunt for a new job but are passively open to reviewing career opportunities. We do not work with job boards but are proactive head hunters with 20+ years experience in your market! Our skill is to match aspirations both client and candidate - gaming jobs and gambling careers from the betting headhunter