The BeauBowBelles

The BeauBowBelles are a four-piece band of foot stomping, harmony singing swing folkers. They dragged themselves from their classical roots through the earth of folk, the dusts of country and the fires of gypsy swing- gathering them all to their breasts before entwining and weaving them into a new blaze of sound. <br /> <br />The close-part vocal harmonies, driving rhythms and soulful melodies combined with skillfully arranged songs, provide a common thread and a unique sound. Their live shows have been described as spell binding and virtuosic and their songs - full of wit, charm and class. <br /> <br />Their debut EP, 'To The Moon' is currently available to buy from their website and all good online retailers (itunes, amazon etc). <br /> <br />They have again joined forces with the creators of their previous music video, the costume & makeup departments at The Arts University, Bournemouth & director Gareth Corke for their song their new single "All Over That". Last year they also made a video for "These Days" with the same collaboration.