DJ Aaries

With the growing popularity as a DJ, DJ Aaries has managed to be a part of BET's "Rap City" multiple times and is one of the new faces of Roc-A-Wear with the "I Will Not Lose" campaign. He also started "Hood Hard TV," which currently airs in eight markets and the internet. The show is based around providing advice to artists and in a sense is similar to the classic TV show "Yo! MTV Raps." He also co-organized with Word On The Streets Magazine the "Hood Hard Day Conference," which is free to DJ's and Media. The conference has had attendees such as DJ Kid Capri, Remy Martin,E. Mason, Mr Collipark, and Wendy Day. DJ Aaries also takes enormous pride in creating the Hood Hard DJ's, an alliance of 150 DJ's. They do not service music like record pools, but actually are more hands on with artists.To date the group has had their hands on in breaking artists like B.o.B., Young LA, Travis Porter, V.I.C., Nappy Roots, Blackowned C-Bone & Vistoso Bosses just to name a FEW. <br /><br />contact DJ Aaries at <br /><br /> <br /><br />