StandUpTexas <br />*Register + Vote = Change* <br /><br />We're in the final leg of one of the most important and exciting Presidential elections in our lifetime. We also have an opportunity to make serious change at the state and local level. <br /><br />As the first Black district attorney in Harris County history, the second in Texas history, Democratic candidate C. O. “Brad” Bradford will have an opportunity to change the culture of the criminal justice system in Houston if we do our part and elect him. <br /><br />Many think that Texas will forever be Bush country, but the truth is that Texas has big vulnerability located in Harris County. One million eligible voters have not registered to vote in Harris County, 500 thousand unregistered voters in Harris County are people of color. That’s enough to win any election! <br /><br />That can change. If we all make sure our friends and family are registered by October 6th and participate in early voting, which will better ensure that all votes are counted, Harris County can flip from Red to Blue. <br /><br />Stand Up, be counted and let’s make it happen! <br /><br />Turn Texas BLUE! <br /><br />