Tetsuo Lumiere

The films of TETSUO LUMIERE obtained several awards, among them stand out the obtained in the ARGENTINA BIENNIAL HUMOR VIDEOS FESTIVAL, in the ANNUAL SOCIETY OF ARGENTINA INDEPENDENT VIDEOMAKERS FEST, the CELL-MOVIE FEST (Festival of videos filmed with a cell phone) and the JVC TOKYO VIDEO FESTIVAL where he won in three occasions. <br /><br />The film “TL1, MY KINGDOM FOR A FLYING SAUCER” his first full-length film, was received excellently by the critics, being as a result, one of the ten directors interviewed in the book “BIZARRE AND FANTASTIC HISPANIC – ARGENTINIAN FILMS” published in Spain, and in the United States of America in the book MASTERS OF THE WEIRD. TL1 turned out to be not only in various festivals of the interior of the country, but it was also seen in Brazil, Chile, Uruguay, Spain, Puerto Rico, Colombia, Mexico, Cuba, and was nominated for the SILVER CONDOR ARGENTINA FILM CRITICS AWARD,as BEST VIDEOFILM. <br />In 2008 Tetsuo directed “HOTELS AND OTHER TEMPORARY ACCOMMODATIONS”, an experimental and humorous feature-length film done entirely with images taken from YouTube. <br /><br />In 2009 he finished the sequel of TL1, named “TL2, HAPPINESS IS AN URBAN <br />LEGEND” winning ARGENTINA BEST FILM OF THE YEAR IN THE MAR DEL PLATA INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL. <br /><br />At present, Tetsuo Lumiere is working in his new project titled “TL3 - DESTINY IS MY FATE”.