Dear Financial Freedom Seeker: <br /><br />Do You Hate Your Job?! So do I. <br /><br />Looking for an online business opportunity? <br /><br />Did you know Most people that start online businesses have NO IDEA how to market them successfully. They try blogging, bum marketing, pay per click marketing, free ads and so on to sadly and ultimately fail... why.. because out of the overwhelming choices for online business, we have everyone "telling" us what to do if we join them, and NO ONE providing us with the direction and support we need, NO ONE really showing us how to succeed. <br /><br />I know because I kept screwing up, choosing bad opportunities and losing time and money. Anyone attempting to run an online business needs 5 crucial elements <br /><br /> -Mentoring from a successful sponsor <br />-Focus and Direction (Don't Just Dream It, Live It) <br />-A powerful Proven and Tested product <br />-Support! <br />-Traffic <br />