Terex SHM

The Terex SHM Miner is the most efficient technology available for extracting coal in today’s market. <br /><br />It is the first practical highwall mining system capable of mining parallel entries to predetermined depths while linking surface and underground operations to maximize coal recovery and profits. Since 1994, our innovative products and extensive customer care have kept our customers at the forefront of highwall mining technology and profitability. Find out today how we can put our expertise in surface coal mining to work for you. <br /><br />Terex SHM System Advantages <br /><br /> * The Superior Highwall Mining System can mine coal seams ranging from 30” to 16’ <br /> * Penetration depths over 1000 feet are possible. <br /> * Rigid pushbeam design with PLC controlled sump forces allows for more consistent and accurate cutting depths. <br /> * Modular design allows the system to be moved easily from pit to pit. <br /> * Current systems are successfully mining 40,000 to 100,000 plus tons per month depending on coal seam height. <br /> * Three to four man crews keep labor costs low. <br /> * Up to 70% of in place coal can be recovered using the Terex SHM System. <br /> * Enclosed pushbeam conveyor eliminates external ash dilution from the roof. <br /> * Ability to operate on contour benches as narrow as 42 feet. <br /> * Technical support assuring Superior Highwall Mining availability is provided. <br /> * Assistance in designing mine plans for highwall mining can be provided. <br />