Team Refugee

Largely an underground squad at its very beginnings, the crew embarked on a mission to assert themselves in the early 2000’s as an independent group of individuals seeking to bring the car panorama to a whole new level. <br /><br />The team now commonly referred to as “the Refugee’s” officially hit the mainstream in September of 2008, with its public unveil having taken place at one of the most esteemed car enthusiast shows in North America, notably that of Sport Compact Performance or SCP. <br /><br />“A truly unique and never seen before crew” <br /><br />Birthed from the streets and developed through individual ideology, the Refugee way of life has come to entail one in which seeks dedication, effort and passion for one’s work. The canvases which make up these beautiful works of art range in assortments from old school to new school and everything in between. <br /><br />Not to be taken lightly, these heavy hitters of the car scene strive for excellence and workmanship in everything they do. Consequently, The Refugee’s have never been intended to be for everyone and anyone. Created for a group of solo- runners and trophy contenders, the emphasis of this prestigious crew largely relies upon the ideology of mass over volume. The Key to success for The Refugees remains to this day the very view stressing the importance of quality over quantity. <br /><br /> “There is strength in numbers only so long as the numbers have value” ~Refugee <br />