Masatoshi Nishinaga

Bonjour, merci de visiter. Je suis un ventilateur japonais de R/C. J'aime des voitures de Tamiya R/C particulièrement et souvent je joue R/C avec mes amis à de diverses voies. <br />Veuillez apprécier mon canal. ;-) <br />(Je suis désolé mais mes videos ne sont pas aussi clairs.) <br /><br />Hello, thank you for visiting. <br />I am a Japanese R/C fan. <br />I like Tamiya R/C cars especially and often I am playing R/C with my friends at various tracks. <br />I am beginner as amateur movie maker and I have no DV-cam, so I'm using a Canon IXY digital 450 cam. and always I have to edit my clips by only "Windows movie maker 5.1". <br />So, my vids are not so clear. I'm sorry but <br />I will show you some Japanese racing scenes. <br />You may discover each Japanese racing events have unique characteristics, if you watch 'em carefully. <br />Please enjoy my channel. ;-) <br /><br />訪問ありがとうございます <br />主に富山県でR/C楽しんでます。 <br />デジカメの動画機能で撮影したこま切れを <br />ムービーメーカーで編集してます。 <br />色々しょぼいですが、どうぞご覧ください。