Harley Quinn

IMPORTANT UPDATE: <br />Oh dear, oh dear, I haven't been online for the longest time. Things were really hectic for me but it's summer vacation now and I'll see what I can do about more uploads. Since I discovered youtube deleted my account, I was just feeling less energetic about this entire thing. I apologize fellow Batman fans. <br /><br />Dailymotion does not have a message system so please leave me comments on the most recent video that I've uploaded, just makes everything simpler. <br /><br />NEXT EPISODES: Never Fear, Judgement Day, Chemistry, Torch Song, The Lion and the Unicorn <br /><br />I love the Joker and Harley Quinn so I'll be uploading all of the episodes that feature them. I take requests for BTAS and TNBA so ask away and don't be afraid to flatter or befriend me, I'm a cheery gal. <br />