**Videos that were either blocked worldwide or got its audio muted was deleted off our YouTube and re-uploaded on our Dailymotion.<br /><br />TalagaGaGirls consists of 4 Filipino sisters living in Georgia. One sister is currently living in Atlanta while the other 3 are living in Augusta. On this channel we will be posting videos of ourselves and our dog, Nala. The videos will be very random and very silly, lol.<br /><br />More info behind our name:<br /><br />We had a different name, but decided to change it. We contemplated about what we should name ourselves and TalagaGaGirls randomly came out. We loved the name so we decided to stick with it. 'Talaga' in tagalog means really and 'Gaga' means silly/stupid, so our name can mean really silly/stupid girls, lol. The second Ga in our name also stands for Georgia because that is where we live.<br /><br />We hope our videos brings a smile upon your face and make you laugh! :)<br /><br />Be sure to visit our YouTube channel and personal YouTube channels as well~ :D