Ian Price

UK creator of fine electronica. Visit the websites.

FUTURE DAZE - http://www.futuredaze.co.uk and the electro experimentation project SCHOOL OF AMBIENCE - http://www.schoolofambience.com
Fab electronic podcast featuring artists from around the world.


Anastasiya Krasaeva
Hello, Ian! Thanks you for your reply too! I'm grateful to you for it!
Surely I've visited your sites and enjoied getting additional interesting information for me. I joined with my и-mail like you said to do and hole I'll get new your music creations! Thanks for your doings! It's cool!
7 years ago by Anastasiya Krasaeva
Coffee Films
So you do the music and the visuals? Like it all! Can you manage VJing and playing at the same time though?
7 years ago by Coffee Films

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