Diane Kean

Diane Kean joined the Hearing Care Center at Southwestern Ear, Nose & Throat (SWENT) in October 2009. Prior to working at SWENT, she managed an orthopaedic surgery practice, worked as a human resource professional at Los Alamos National Laboratory and for Pillsbury, and managed several departments for Bloomingdale’s at Mall of America in Minnesota. She has a degree in English and Speech Communication from Iowa State University and is currently completing a Masters in Healthcare Administration from Ohio University. <br /><br />Diane enjoys working at SWENT because she gets to learn about a new/different medical group and specialty. She has learned a lot about hearing aids – especially why they are so important to patients and their families. She believes that everyone should have access to hearing amplification and encourages others to contact congress and discuss insurance coverage with their human resource departments or insurance companies. <br /><br />Diane grew up working and living on a farm in northwest Iowa. She moved to New Mexico from Minnesota in 2009. After living in NM for the past 10 years, she has found her home. She enjoys raising and spoiling her dogs, spending time with her husband, family and friends, as well as reading and learning about an eclectic mix of topics.