Hi to all my Dailymotion friends, <br />I will be singing several different styles of music here...Visit me often OK? <br />My fave Singers are Nana Mouskouri, Cleo Laine, Ella Fitzgerald, Maureen Macgovern...they sing everything! <br />I am also a deep admirer of Dionne Warwick, Deniece Williams and Donna Summer..incredible voices. <br />HELLO to all my wonderful friends and family in Europe especially Scotland, France, Germany, England, Portugal, Soviet Union, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Iceland and Finland. <br />Big Up and much respect to my brothers and sisters in the mighty nation of Africa. My friends in Kenya and Ivory Coast...I miss you! <br />Special greetings to my dearest college buddies from Korea, Japan, China and Malaysia. <br />I will never forget you my dear friends in India. <br />To my family and friends who live on the most gorgeous side of the earth...The Caribbean...LOVE YA! <br />To my friends and family in South America especially Guyana and Brazil...smooches! <br />New Zealand and Australia...Im comin at ya! <br />To my peeps in the USA...kisses!