Robio Andigi

Robio & Andigi VT were the closest of brothers. It seemed nothing could tear them apart. That was until Robio found fame and fortune... leaving loyal Andigi alone in the shadows. While one bathed in the limelight of his very own 'Super Robio World', the other was forgotten - cruelly dismissed as 'the lanky green one'. <br /><br />Now, with love having turned to loathing, the battle lines have been drawn. The divided duo will fight it out in a duel like no other... and neither Nintends to back down (ouch!). After a three-round battle of brain and brawn, one will emerge a hero. <br /><br />Check Out The Website For More Info And To Donate To This Worthy Cause : <br /><br />To separate hero from zero, our dungaree-clad duo will face three challenges. The first to bag two victories will be granted the priceless bragging rights that come with being officially crowned 'Best Brother'! <br /><br />MUNDANE MASTERMIND <br /><br />In Mundane Mastermind, the brothers will have three days to swot up on boring subjects suggested by you (e.g. 'The History of Pencils'), before taking to the famous black chair. The quiz will be filmed and the video will be posted on the website. <br /><br />RAP ATTACK <br /><br />The boys will then bling-up for Rap Attack - each writing and recording a rap song inspired by your suggestions. The rap videos will be posted on the website before the winner is decided. <br /><br />STAND-UP STAND-OFF <br /><br />The challenges will culminate with a night of laughter at London's famous comedy venue The Cavendish Arms on Saturday, October 16. The Stand-Up Stand-Off will see our plucky plumbers try their hand at live comedy. Laughs are guaranteed - the only question being whether we'll be laughing with them or at them! Tickets will be available from the website ( very soon!!