~NOTICE (PLEASE READ)~ <br /><br />NEW SYSTEM: Most of my subbed MVs, videos, etc, will be locked (private), but I will leave them open for as long as I want. SO! <br /><br />Please add me as a friend to see my videos! Thank you! =) <br /><br />EDIT: THIS IS SO PISSING! I went thru my vids and I saw that some got flagged, I can't seem to trust the people around here! <br /><br />~NEWEST MENTIONABLE ADDITIONS~ <br /><br />--- Not as free as before, so whatever you see is whatever you get =) <br /><br />~UPCOMING MENTIONABLE UPLOADS~ <br /><br />NEW STUFF! DBSK! SHINee! RAIN! BIG BANG! WONDER GIRLS! 2PM! 2PM! HYORI! (and the list goes on and on) Stay tuned! =) <br /><br />~ABOUT MY DAILYMOTION~ <br /><br />I usually upload the stuff I like, although a lot of other people has probably uploaded it already, its my joy and hopefully yours too!