Today, we are told that we should consider the mediocre artists, poets, statesmen, and geniuses. That is what happens when the politically correct try to be "inclusive." Excellence is no longer a prerequisite for being called an artist, poet, statesman, or genius. How sad! I feel overcome with the nausea of which Nietzsche spoke whenever I ponder the glorification of mediocrity. "Nausea, o my brothers, Nausea!"<br />Many of the mediocre folks celebrated as artists poets, and geniuses come from the Axis of Resentment. I hate the Axis of Resentment. All who hate western civilization are part of this axis. A westerner can hate his own civilization. Any westerner who hates his own civilization is a part of the axis along with muzz-tards, communists, ghetto chimps ranting about the Illuminati, Black Panthers and other pseudo-intellectual ghetto rats, los pendejos de Aztlan Unido, and anybody else who hates western civilization.<br />I am not here to be everybody's friend. I do not believe in that fruity "why can't we all get along" shit. Some folks are not worth befriending. If you feel I am not worth befriending, I could give a rat's ass. I will definitely not lose any sleep. Do not bother sending out invites and sub requests if you do not have anything in common with me, or have nothing worthwhile to say on the salient issues of the day. I would rather have some pendejo visit my channel to insult me than have some pathetic attention whore coming to my channel looking for a cheap invite or sub with nothing to say. The sub4sub folks can sub mis huevos. Want a sub from me? Give me an "Allahu Fuckbar" or a "Rasulallah Muhammad was a stinking pedophile." If you think my asking price is too high, get lost. juaz, juaz, juaz!!!