Respectable Dear <br />I like to propose you for serious & long relationship; details are as following for your consideration. <br />My Name suliman musa boush . From Sudan Working in State of Kuwait <br />I am hard worker creative mind and believe on struggle in life. I’m nice, friendly, honest & loving. <br />I like casual & simple life, liking adventure sports, can bear and face any circumstances never depending upon others. <br />I strongly believe that the wife is real life partner and, I like to share all my bad & good with her. I love and respect of true caring life partner, and believe on family unit and unity. <br />I want to start my life with loving her all my hidden loving emotions and mutual due respect, and with strongest structure of future... <br />I think will be better if we use, email address for fast communication and proceedings, or you can call me any time. <br />Waiting with hope to hear from you soon, with regards. <br />Greetings to you <br />If I had tons of gold, they wouldn't be worth even your single sweet word to <br />me, <br />If I had all the clothes in the world, they wouldn't be worth even a single <br />soft touch of your hands <br />If I had a single wish I could make, I would wish to be with you in a <br />family, friendly and happy family: <br />Sometimes I wish that it would be better to live in this world without any <br />feelings, just like robots: Why do we suffer?! Because we have feelings, <br />emotions, worries, fears, smiles:: <br />I am very lonely, and I would give to you everything I have, just to be with <br />you, to love and to be loved: If you are also alone, and if you also have <br />feelings you want to use, to share: please write me to.