Davide Vasta

Davide Vasta was born in Palermo, Sicily. <br />His first teaching experience begun when he was just seventeen, during a professional course on computer aided drawing with the use of Commodore Amiga. In 1993 he started teaching as associate professor at the Academy of Fine Arts in Perugia, in two courses: “Computer Graphics” and “Digital Techniques and Applications”. In 2004 he started University teaching at the the Faculty of Literature, with the same courses. Since 1993 he taught to more than 4000 students. <br />His professional career begun with graphic design, but later on he was attracted by multimedia and web design. In 1992 he started a graphic studio, together with one of his brother, Angelo, which at present lives and works as a graphic designer in U.S. <br />Since 1996 he collaborates with many professional schools teaching in European Union sponsored courses, on subjects like Web Design, Visual Communication and SEO. <br />On february 2003 he was selected to be part of the Macromedia Specialist Group, among over 600 professionals in Italy. The final group was made up by more than 20 people, who where often speaking during road-shows and congresses held by Macromedia Italia. <br />In 2006, following Adobe acquisition of Macromedia, he entered in the italian Adobe Guru team, as an expert in web products (Dreamweaver, Flash and Fireworks). <br />Nowdays he is a stable writer for “Applicando” one of the most important italian magazine for Mac users, and writes books for national editors on various themes, like Web Design, SEO, and many others. He is also very much involved in SEO consulting and courses. <br /><br />A complete list of all his activities can be found on his website: www.davidevasta.biz