UNDERWATER TECHNOLOGY APPLIED TO VIDEO-FILMING AND COMMUNICATION <br />Our Prototypes Technical Office designs and implements equipments for communication, research, video-filming and underwater video-check. These products can be employed also in the geological and hydraulic sector, such as video-checks – through Closed-Circuit television-cameras - of wells, hollows, tunnels, small calibre pipelines, and wherever you cannnot use any other system. <br /><br />Our staff is made up by highly qualified personnel, led by Mr. Fabio Matacchiera, renowned for his underwater relic hunting of a noteworthy importance. <br /><br />Many companies and professional operators employ our equipments. Various archaeological discoveries have been done, thanks to our underwater television-cameras. We bring to fruition the live transmission of pictures of sea-depths, as well as through a monitor placed on the boat, during sailing. Trail underwater television-cameras allow fast video-checking of sea-depths, with extremely high quality pictures, b/w and colours. <br /><br />Furthermore, our special television-cameras, combined with underwater telephones, allow view and communication between scuba diver and supporting personnel, with simultaneous video and audio. <br /><br />The creation of a tiny underwater closed-circuit television-camera (among the smallest in the world) also allows the video check of small-calibre hydraulic pipelines, in order to detect possible obstructions or breaks, making, thus, our group competitive on the world market. <br />Moreover, we design and implement waterproof cases for your video cameras, and photo-cameras with underwater ultra-bright led illuminators.