Studio 051

INTRODUCTION<br /><br />Studio 051 was established in 2005 to provide a “One-Stop” Quality Music Production & Digital Recording facility for the artists of the twin cities of Islamabad & Rawalpindi. Though established in 2005, Studio 051 boasts a music production experience of 17 years. To date, Studio 051 has provided services to loads of artists from the twin cities and Lahore.<br /><br />Some of the salient features of Studio 051 in audio recording and music production are as follows:<br /><br />AUDIO RECORDING FEATURES<br /><br />a). Latest / Industry Standard Music Production equipment.<br /><br />b). HD level (24bit – 192 KHz) Recording facility.<br /><br />c). Assorted collection of high quality condenser microphones from FET to Tube with a choice to pick from transparent to tube preamps to suit the artists voice better.<br /><br />d). Ergonomic Interior design with acoustically treated control room and a dedicated sound proof vocal booth.<br /><br />e). Special High impedance recording inputs for recording electric guitars with pronounced warmth.<br /><br />MUSIC PRODUCTION FEATURES<br /><br />a). Music production experience of more than 17 years.<br /><br />b). Versatile Production for all the popular genres of music from Pop,Rock,Hip-Hop,RnB, Dance, Trance & Techno to productions in the fusion and experimentation domain.<br /><br />c). Vast Music production experience varies from aired TV Music Videos to FM Broadcasts and productions in released music albums.<br /><br />e). Powered by a colossal collection of sonic music production tools for use in modern era productions and also catering for the ethnic flavor in music. <br /><br />PROFESSIONALISM<br />Artists are assisted not only in their created work but are advised on the sound that will best suit their creative compilations. Designed as a One-Stop music production and recording facility, Studio 051 places professionalism in the highest echelon. It’s a place where all the projects are managed, and delivered on time keeping inview true dedication towards work.