We're here to give you the straight up & down on the Hip Hop Culture (PAUSE). NO FILLERS, NO BS! <br />-If we got an exclusive track we'll post it. <br />-If you're a hot new talent we help put you on. <br />-We're going to be updated daily with News, Interviews and everything you need to know about Hip Hop without the games. <br />Also, as a little disclaimer to all new jacks in the game. The internet is a good jump off, but for real... NO creditable A&R takes you seriously unless you're on the radio, TV or moving crazy units. Name on emcee that got signed because his/her audio was streaming in Japan & Canada and some nerd said he's dope? I count a big fat ZERO! So step up your game and stop believing these other websites that claim to be breaking new talent. Ya'll are just breaking people's ear drums with your lack of good taste.