A-1 Sway

A-1 Sway provides exclusive urban style video editing techniques for your video presentations and promotions. Noticed in the industry for his creative ability to produce quality content. Featured in XXL Magazine's December 2006 issue (Jay-Z cover, page 50), for his creative editing on "The Hipnotik Show". A-1 Sway has and is still involved in many projects. He has displayed his skills at The B.A.R.S. Awards for two years in a row, producing and editing all video work for the 60 foot screen presentations. As well as promotion and commercial videos. Not to mention the official 2 hour DVD for the 2005 B.A.R.S. Awards which will be re-released through Thizz Entertainment. Also recently added his catalog is The "Bully's Wit Fully's" DVD just released as of November 2007! So as A-1 Sway would say "Stay Tuned".. His style of display is the work of a true "Video Artist". Press Play! <br /><br />ALL VIDEOS DIRECTED & EDITED BY ME. <br /><br />