Starpoint Resort Group

Starpoint Resort Group, Inc. (“SRG”),a Nevada corporation, was incorporated in 2002 as a timeshare developer in Nevada, California, Arizona, Utah and Washington. In 2004, Starpoint formed a points-based timeshare vacation club named GeoHoliday Club Inc.(“GHC”). SRG, during this period, has operated in Las Vegas, NV, Park City, Utah, Bellevue, Washington, Phoenix, Arizona, and Palm Springs, California. The purpose of forming a points based club were five fold; 1.) Create a vacation club vehicle that could accept inventory from any opportunity, and; 2.) Foster growth of a sales program which over time would result in voting control of each such property’s very profitable management contract, and; 3.) Form one sales process and model which would accommodate all inventory changes without meaningful modification or risk, and; 4.) Eliminate all costs of inventory recovery related to delinquency, and: 5.) Coagulate all state registration and legal requirements thereby significantly reducing legal documentation, review, renewal and expenses.