CJ Jenkins

I am an accomplished singer, songwriter, musician, recording artist, arranger, vocal and performance coach, minister, actor, artist, and a host of other things. I'm just doing what I do and using my attributes and gifts and givings to help make this world and its people better and more loving! <br /><br />I JUST released a Neo-Gospel-Soul digital CD for download called "HERE COMES THE *SON*"! <br />It IS available NOW for download at http://indiestore.7digital.com/carlton/albums <br />Click on the 'ALBUMS' tab or the "tracks" tab to see other songs not on the cd and a few single ones that are! <br />NOW, GO GET 'IT'! ;-D <br /><br />I am also very much into 'healthy' lifestyle of eating and supplementing with natural products, and herbs etc. It WORKS! And it's PROFITABLE for life! So, 'HERE'S TO LIFE'! (SMILE) <br /><br />MUCH LOVE, <br /><br />C.J.