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Kharkov, Ukraine
Ladies And Gentlemen!
Has honour to present to Your attention exotic african music-group ALFA-ALFA
Alfa Alfa –Is a hot group from Uganda with African vocals and bright appearances of performances that give a sun cheerful music to the audience. Their creation is and clock-work Carribean melodies in a rhythm теchno-pop, and English-language music in style of disco 80’s,Pop,Rnb,Reggea and dance hits in the Russian language, and also favourite Ukrainian folk in dance pop-treatment. Folk-lore was in the repertoire of group still Alfa Alfa group divided into two collectives – Alfa Alfa and Chornobrivtsi. And vocalist of these two groups after disintegration suffered the changes. While Chornobrivtsi style stayed accent reggea-music, Alfa Alfa style changed to dance pop, disco pop. Michael and Becky – permanent guests of different musical festivals. On concerts directly socialize with the audience, drawing out people on a stage and waking up interest and delight at each. Public is led from half-turn. These are professional, artists and believe in them selves. Bright stage costumes, exotic exterior and melodious dancing performers, provide 100% success and love of audience. Absolutely all concerts of the group pass on a Hurra! and customers remain in admiration.


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