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We wish you welcome to the forum, which deals with the conflict in Sri Lanka occupied. Since the independence of the island state at the tip of India, the land of controlled violence and discrimination, leading to an open war between the Tamil rebels and separatists and the Sri Lanka government. This war is open for several decades and continue the peace these days seem further than ever. Tens of thousands of deaths, millions of refugees, hundreds of badges at the end of traumatized people, millions of fates are the result of the ethnic conflict on this tropical island, which today mainly due to its tourist attractiveness known. <br /><br />This forum has been established to facilitate the flow of information, often through censorship and distortion restrict and manipulated, unadulterated to the members of the group and to bring the situation of the people there in the most detailed way to clarify. <br /><br />It is not a question of who is in the right and who is not, but simply the exchange of information, mutual understanding, news and discussions with people of different views, on a superior and reasonable level. <br /><br />We hope you all be loyal,patience and good manner to take part in this Web Page and wish you all the Best. <br />