Jim Mutter

SPORE Medical offers full medical and health care video production services that achieve your specific goals and objectives to inform, entertain, and promote your corporation, products, or services. <br /><br />In keeping with our non-traditional and forward thinking reputation, we have developed several customized online video marketing packages that utilize the massive power and reach of the internet, a phenomenal sales boosting innovation. <br /><br />This truly awesome new medium allows us to propagate your marketing message at an exponential pace to millions of recipients around the globe at the exact moment they are thinking about your product, something that no other medium can achieve. <br /><br />Take your website to the next level by personally informing prospects and customers why they should do business with you and what sets you apart from your competitors. <br /><br />Discover unknown prospects and speed conversion of prospects to customers by distributing engaging customer-centric videos through the reach and durability of digital viral marketing. <br /><br />This trendsetting online marketing tactic allows our clients to gather user interest while differentiating themselves from their competitors.