Peggy Martin

We are just ordinary country folks that live in Soapstone a small community out Pitkin, LA, A very small piney woods country town. We are about 25 miles from our bank, grocery store, and Wal Mart and about 60 miles from a shopping mall. We live in a rustic cabin style home on a horse farm we call the "Lil Ponderosa". We are parents and grandparents of many. We enjoy hunting, boating,and riding 4-wheelers and our horses with our family. We also enjoy traveling and meeting people. <br /><br />We worked construction together for years and had a farm business but always wanted a good honest home business where we could travel and do what we wanted. We tried a lot of things, some did not work out, or we couldn't get the support we needed. We did not give up. We wanted our dream and after several years of persisting, thank God, we are doing it! We love people and making new friends. This is a people business, we are like a family in this business.. We all help each other and the support is there. We believe in helping, and we mean really helping, other people find their success and dreams. So do not give up! If we can do this, you can, and we promise to share everything we're doing to fulfill your dream and gain your freedom.