Sylvia Patricia producoes

With her sensual, deep voice, and her versatility as a singer with her own characteristic tone and lyrics ranging from whisper to wild chords, Sylvia Patricia feels comfortable within any musical style being both an academic musician and a popular singer. She graduated in music with a major in singing from the Faculdade Paulista de Arte and also studied composing and conducting, classical guitar, piano and even classical Indian music. <br />Born in Salvador, with indigenous blood from an ancestral on her skin, she uses the music to talk of love and life’s ups and downs in the metropolis, all from an upbeat point of female view. She composes with character, quite at home in the world of so-called Brazilian New Music. Her talent has been recognised by other great Brazilian singers such as Caetano Veloso, for example, who did the duet Cantar with her on her second CD, or Carlinhos Brown who invited her to sing with him on his Barcelona's concert last year. As well she shows her talent in reinterpretations/remakes of some sacred sambas. <br />Her third CD, Tente Viver Sem Mim, released by her own label SPECIARIAS MUSICAIS records, was launched in Japan. <br />She has songs included in some Bossa Nova compilations produced in Europe, like: “Bossa Nova Nights” and “Brazil the essential album”, by Manteca Records, “Outro Brazil¨, ¨World Trends¨, ¨Tarifa Summer Sessions¨ ,¨Brasilounge4¨, and many others. <br />Since 2004, Sylvia Patricia is doing concerts in Europe. In 2007 she did a Show-case at the Mercat de Musica de Vic, a tour on Mallorca, concerts in Milano, Barcelona, Córdoba and Amsterdã, and in 2008 she did one more successful tour in Spain and will be back to a concert in Barcelona in february, 2009. The song Outro Inverno will be in the Violet Femmes 2 compilation. <br />With 17 years of career, Sylvia Patricia has always been in evidence and on the Brazilian scene and is one of the relevant names from the Brazilian music new generation. <br /><br />