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Special Storm Radio will bring listeners to another level of awareness in understanding the life of families that care for children/teens with special needs.
Families will be able to share their stories of struggles and successes in hopes of receiving the knowledge and support that they are not alone.
We will showcase experts to help answer questions and bring forth topics that will help families find the resources they need to help their children.
Although there will be a special focus on Autism and ADHD, our show will also cover many other issues and needs that the listening community faces.

Our Goal is not to just educate families but to also reach out to the extended families, friends, teachers, educators, and government, letting everyone know that we are in this world.

You can join us or just listen in - either way YOU WILL HEAR US because storms cannot be silenced!

Photo Credit - Storm Watcher © 2008 David A. Dube used with permission.,