The Professional Speakers Federation (PSF) is membership based speakers association for both professional speakers as well as those making the transition to become a professional speaker. PSF is a division of the Healthy Wealthy and Wise Corporation (HWW), an international training and development company operating in more than 100 cities around the world. Since 1999, HWW has been helping individuals develop a variety of skills to help them live life more fully and develop the skills necessary to become Healthy Wealthy and Wise!<br /><br />The Speech Mastery Course:<br /><br />It's a fact! People who have the skills, confidence and courage to present information publicly earn more money, have less stress, are able to communicate their ideas with ease, and have more opportunities presented to them! Their ability to communicate in public enables them to naturally motivate and persuade others more easily because they've invested the time to master a few basic skills! According to many of the top MBA programs the most important skill to develop is the art of public speaking. Today the most successful leaders in business, government, and the arts are all experts at communication. <br /><br />Our Speech Mastery Course may be the only public speaking course you need to experience. The course is a live 2 day event where you improve your presentation skills by giving 2 live presentations. During the course you'll learn how to both improve your speaking skills as well as improve your mental approach to the process of giving a speech. To learn more about our public speaking courses please visit:<br />www.professionalspeakersfederation.com