ENGLISH <br />Co-founder of T-Vision VJ crew. [] <br />Darkpsy and Uplifting Chill-out DJ, demented psychedelic VJ, live-act projects (Allux & ASOC)... Soyouth wants to do everything and ends up loosing himself into alternate worlds... But whatever he does, you can expect him to always push its limits in humbly trying to spread the mindblowing psychedelic vibe around :-) <br />Let's all consciousness be one ! <br /><br />FRENCH <br />Co-fondateur de T-Vision []. <br />VJ psyké allumé, DJ (darkpsy & uplifting chill-out) & live act (Allux & ASOC), soyouth cherche à tout faire et il se perd... Mais en tout cas, la vibration psychédélique est bien présente et communicative :-) Keep the vibe alive ! <br /><br />