SD Truck Wreck & Accident Injury Lawyers Attorneys <br />Do Not Lose Twice <br />Pierre | Rapid City | Sioux Falls | Sturgis <br />YOU SHOULD SELECT GORDON & ELIAS AS YOUR TRUCK ACCIDENT LAWYERS AND HERE IS WHY: <br /><br />* A real lawyer answers the phone 24/7 <br />* We obtain immediate photos, statements and crucial measurements, securing the evidence before it can be altered <br />* Only use Board Certified Doctors for our clients treatment <br />* Immediately File Suit <br /><br />If you do not select Gordon & Elias as your truck accident lawyers, you could lose twice. <br /><br />South Dakota is filled with wide-open roads offering picturesque views. Yet, no matter how much room you have on the road, a speeding truck driven by an impaired driver is impossible to escape. When the truck strikes your car, chances are you will receive serious, if not life-threatening injuries. Do not settle for just any personal injury attorney. Select one that focuses on this specific area of practice. <br />Negligent Truck Drivers and Their Employers Must Be Held Responsible <br /><br />"By any means necessary" is often the mantra that truck drivers adhere to due to pressures from their employer. Shortcuts are taken. Safety is disregarded. Accidents caused by negligence sometimes result. Ignoring regulations is dangerous and deadly if a truck driver fails to get enough rest and operate a truck that is properly loaded. By law, the trucking company can be held liable. <br />South Dakota Trucking Accident Lawyers <br /><br />Injuries require medical attention. Medical attention costs money. At Gordon & Elias L.L.P., we ask for no up-front fees or out-of-pocket expenses from you. You focus on recovering while we handle the legal aspects of your case to give you the peace of mind you need. We manage your trucking accident claim while you deal with injuries caused by: <br /><br />* Rear-End, Head-On Crashes and Jackknives <br />* Poor Maintenance, including Tires and Brakes <br />* Driver Fatigue <br />* Dangerous Roads