We want everyone around the World to know about Tasha's World. Tasha's World is not a group but a female singer/songwriter. However she performs with a live band delivering a truly soulful show. <br /><br />We want your help with spreading her name to your friends, family, radio stations , promoters etc...there's no big record company with a large marketing budget to push who they want to be flavour of the month to the forefront. This is a labour of love which is what all good musicians/singers are about. However, your support is needed in order to get her music played and out to the rest of the public and the world....send an email, phone in to your local radio station and request a track from her. The more they keep hearing the name, the more they'll take notice. There'll be a better chance that she'll get to perform in your home country too...Tasha's World has performed in many countries so far but there are lots more that she would love to get the opportunity to perform in. With your help this can happen. Can we count on you to become a friend (not a fan) and help to put her name out there? <br /><br />If you listen to her music or become a friend, you become part of her world hence the name Tasha's World. <br /><br />Welcome to Tasha's World....from her world to yours.... <br /><br />Peace and Blessings <br /><br />Jah Bless <br /><br />