Sonu Dangerous SD |singer/Performer|

Youtube| <br />Facebook| <br />Website| <br />Sonu Dangerous SD Punjabi Hiphop singer/Raper/Performer/Choreographer) <br />The pioneer of dance in Pakistan is the one and only Sonu Dangerous he has been a major part of this industry since 2000. He has won many awards for his creativity in dancing from MTV, he has performed all over Pakistan and internationally. The list doesn't end here to add on to his artistic ways he is a strong vocalist delivering the energy both vocally and in his performance something not a feature in Pakistani artists. Sonu is called the Micheal Jackson of Asia a title not easy to gain, his journey in this industry was not an easy one he is a icon for his dancing. He has released his best hit music video's <br />1 - Ashiq <br />2 - Deewane dil ja <br />3 - Tanhai <br />4 - Farebiyan di rani <br />5 - Crazy Zamana <br />6 - Nasha <br />7 - Desire <br />8 - Raasta <br />9 - AJA <br />-------- Social Existence <br /> <br />Reverbnation - <br />Youtube - <br />SoundCloud - <br />Twitter - <br />Vimeo -