Atyss atyss sonicmotionrecords

Sonic Motion Records, based in Paris is an independent record label founded in 2005 by dj Atyss. <br /><br />Our productions are orientated towards upbeat psychedelic acid trance <br />designed for heavy dance session with a hint of chillout vibes. <br /><br />We are also looking to diversify and bring our expertise to other fields (ambient, audio-visuals illustrations, electronic- psychedelic). <br /><br />Our constant search for new talents invites you to come & check out our website. <br /><br />In 1995, this young french D.J. was already mixing Psychadelic Trance in parisian raves and clubs. <br />Soon after, in 1997, he started a close knit collaboration for a four handed mix with Patrick Rognant, promoter and animator of RAVE UP on RADIO F.G.. This tandem has played across Europe and also in South America and Asia. <br /><br />In 1999, Atyss created his own compositions, and after training as a sound engineer and having first hand experience in a recording studio,he managed to perfect his captivating acid Psychadelic Trance style, elaborated at the heart of his parisian studio. <br /><br />His technique owes much to his ten years experience in multiple fields like sounds and images. <br /><br />In 2005 he created SONIC MOTION RECORDS & joined X-VIBES & SOULAR RECORDS. <br /><br />Come and experience some samples of his tunes in the "MUSIC" section, as well as a monthly updated mix. <br /><br /> <br />