Group Song Better Company
Nîmes, France
Group Song Better Company

Christophe Darras
Group Leader Song Better Company
Nationality: French

Christophe Darras is alternately Author, Composer, arranger and singer.

Originally from Créteil , Christophe Darras discovered an early passion for music.
At age 12 he learned to compose music , write and sing his songs.
Christophe Darras will chain several odd jobs to be able to afford their own equipment and set up a small home studio where he will debut as Matt Eagle .

The job pays , Christophe Darras is gradually name. It was in 1996 that his career took a decisive turn : he decided to conquer much ( musically ) International land , with its past experience.

But this is 2010 will be the year of revelation or recognition - it depends - Christophe Darras . More focused on his singing career , his title "Raiders " looping . Christophe Darras is an artist of his time ( a touch of Pop, Rock , Reggae just keep him company on some of its shares ), which strives to work and makes a point of honor not to say anything in his songs , aware of the impact that they may have . in A 2014 album is currently in preparation .


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