Sky Lanterns

Sky Lanterns2u is your one stop shop for sky lanterns. We offer large wholesale discounts for bulk purchases with the best export shipping rates available. Sky Lanterns 2u also provide bespoke reseller programmes offering custom packaging and despatch options according to your requirements. We can also offer great value for smaller quantities of our most popular lanterns, a selection of which are available for purchase online. <br /><br />Sky lanterns have acquired many different names over the years, such as UFO Balloons, Thai Sky Lanterns, Thai Paper Lanterns, Chinese Lanterns, Wedding Lanterns, Flying lanterns, Sky Balloons, Fire Balloons, Fire Lanterns, Glo lanterns, Khoom Fay, Khom Fei, Khom Loy, Khoom Loy, Khoom Khwan, Kung Ming, Sky Laternen, Himmelslaternen, Skylaternen, Fluglaternen, Feuerlaternen, Heißluftballon, Feuerballon and the list goes on. Whatever name you choose to describe them, we know you’re going to love them and guarantee 100% customer satisfaction and entertainment with our handmade sky lanterns. <br /><br />For further information on our quality sky lanterns please do not hesitate to contact us.