Hi. I'm a website (I know, it's weird but it's true). I tell people where the bathroom is anywhere in the world. Or at least I try. The thing is, I always found when I traveled or even in my hometown, I would often times need a public restroom and many of those uncomfortable times, it would be a big hassle trying to find a place to rest my bum on cold porcelain. I mean, sure, this may sound more of an issue for a woman like myself (oh yeah, I'm a female website but that doesn't mean I don't get along with men). I have to say, women did get the short end of the stick (seriously, no pun intended), when it comes to public bathrooms. First of all, we usually (USUALLY) cannot just drop our pants and pee on the side of the street. Of course men really should not be allowed to do this but we all know....they do, afterall, they're men. And second of all, when a public restroom is found before an accident occurs, we face the sit vs. squat scenario. Of course, men have this issue as well. We are all human and we all must make a deposit of some sorts once in a while if not, everyday. So my friends, my job on this planet, or rather cyber world, is to supply you with the closest and best (or worst– but you'll know before you go in either way) public restrooms in the world.