Simon Sutton

Hello curious explorer of life<br /><br />I’d like to take this moment to invite you to join the sofa community and learn to embody transparent communication to enrich your life in every way. I want to highlight that this communication and what I am sharing with you is unfamiliar and to most, a completely new language. Transparent communication is a language which emerges when we break free of the identity we have upheld from a foundation of fear. For me it is the universal language of love.<br /><br />This Sofa project isn’t about business, fame, fortune, recognition, status, consumerism or just another product you must own or your life will be some kind of failure. All that I do is about embodying and integrating a new way of being. All that I bring is about expanding and living in a new state of awareness so you become part of the cure of humanities dysfunction, break out of the invisible prison of lies and fear and step into the full essence of being alive. The path we are pointing to is where you celebrate being a unique, indescribable part of the whole, totally connected to all that is.<br /><br />It’s from this place we meet infinite possibility and co-create a new reality and paint new stories through authentic communication, conscious awareness, compassion and love. Not the dictionary defined love but the all encompassing, enriching, sustaining and uniting love which has no opposite and no death.<br /><br />There is a shift in consciousness taking place whether you are aware of it or not. The life changing conversations we produce, support, inspire and educate you as we all collectively evolve into the unknown where infinite possibility resides.<br /><br />Simon on the Sofa is creating a platform which bridges the gap between individuals from all walks of life. A place free from labels, judgements, conditions, expectations and separation.