Sifu Lee Jacobs

Sifu Lee Jacobs is transforming the world of learning with a life-long commitment to the personal growth of others. A skilled Wing Tsun Kung Fu teacher, life coach and public speaker, Lee uses his training as a martial artist to teach the principles of exceptional physical and mental fortitude. Such discipline says Lee, can change a person from the inside out by empowering individuals to navigate life challenges with ease. Inspired by Kung Fu Masters such as Bruce Lee, Lee's training philosophy centers on holistic healing of the mind, body and spirit. Lee truly enjoys encouraging others to be their very best and considers it an honor to serve as a dedicated mentor, coach and friend to many. <br /><br />Based in the United Kingdom, Lee has an amazing relationship with the love of his life Hayley and their five children. His unmatched enthusiasm for teaching Kung Fu to all includes successfully training his dog Samson on the Art of Perseverance to attain dog biscuit bliss. Next, they will be focusing on the art of sitting and staying.