Shemaroo Entertainment Ltd

In 1962 Shemaroo pioneered Bombay's first circulating Book Library. ‘Shemaroo Book Library’ and its extension for children ‘Shemaroo Kidz’ became popular, and around 1978-79 we set up India's first Video Library in Bombay. Further in 1986-87, we diversified into the acquisition of Video rights. <br /><br />From VHS then, to VCDs and DVDs today, entertainment media has kept refining and redefining itself to suit modern market demands. And so has Shemaroo. <br /><br />Armed with a veritable archive of Hindi films, Shemaroo penetrated into the Cable and Satellite TV scene, offering films for exhibition on various networks. <br /><br />With a treasure trove of popular Hindi movies, film based videos, distribution network across the country and a lot more today - Shemaroo has thus carved a niche for itself, not only in the home video segment but also in entertainment at large.<br /><br />To Watch More Videos SUBSCRIBE NOW -<br />Like, Comment and Share with your friends and family. <br /><br />Connect with us on :-<br /><br /><br /><br /><br />