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Art work inspired by music and poetery
Name: Shara

Artist Statement

Shara Banisadr (born 1953) was raised in Tehran-Iran in an artistic family of art collectors, musicians, painters, poets, and writers.
Shara said, My work is not about mental abstraction or my reaction to outside world, but about poetic imagination of soul.
I believe in what Ken Wilber brilliant philosopher wrote in his book- Marriage of sense & soul
Soul art is not metaphoric or allegorical, it is a direct depiction of the direct experience of the subtle level... it is not a painting of sensory objects seen with the eye of flesh, and it is not a painting of conceptual objects seen with the eye of mind, it is a painting of subtle objects seen with the eye of contemplation.
That means that artist and critic and viewer a like must be alive to that higher domain in order to participate in this art.
Shara is multi-disciplined experimental painter with studio in Kensington; Maryland Exhibits nationally and internationally.
Her primary interest is in mixed media abstract painting. She teaches mixed media painting at School of Art+ Design and Guy Mason Art Center and private.

City: Rockville
Country: United States
Occupation: Artist/Art Teacher
Interests and Hobbies: art, music,walking,
Website: http://www.sharacard.com

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