julian cain

HELP DECKER ESCAPE THE BANANA MAN AND FIND A HOME. CLICK THE LINK ABOVE. <br /><br />This series is dedicated to all the risk takers, to all the morons and the saints, to all the driven and abstract and most of all, to those that live in their dreams. <br /><br />Unable to deal with the chaos of his TV job, his bickering co-workers and his meaningless life Decker starts to see an imaginary man in a banana costume that swears by his life that he is there to help him. <br /><br />{staring} <br />Julian Cain - Decker White <br />David Sanford - Bill Jackson <br />Casey Ryan - Stud Williams <br />Danielle Baker - Valerie Meyers <br /><br />{supporting} <br />Meghan Mclellan - Meghan <br />Ja Amaro - Banana Man <br />Kylie Erica Mar - Fox News Reporter <br />Nick Petroni - KKK Guy <br />Nomi Madness - Singer <br />Tim Barroco - Prison Guy <br />Nahisi Crawford - Running Screamer <br /><br />{crew} <br />Director - Monica Guiti <br />Director of Photography - Steven Ulrich <br />Writer/Executive Producer - Julian Cain <br />Sound Mixer - Joshua Bramer <br />Makeup Artist - Jeremy Bramer <br />Costume Superviser - Sarah Lachance