bilal aziz

WELCOME TO THE TEACHINGS OF TRADITIONAL ISLAM THROUGH THE WAY OF THE GREAT SUFI MASTERS <br /><br />The Most Distinguished Naqshbandi Mujaddidi Aslami Sufi Order. <br /><br />In Sufism it is believed that Muhammad (pbuh) is the seal of Prophets. <br /><br />There are no more Prophets to come after him because with his coming the full moon of prophet hood was reached. <br /><br />The Sufis - according to the words of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh): "The gnostics are the inheritors of prophets" - <br /><br />believe that Allah's mercy is such that He would not leave humanity without living guides. <br /><br />Thus that is why there are always 124000 living (Awliya) saints in every age.