Here's my Youtube page: <br />http://www.youtube.com/user/shadowsonic06 <br /><br />Here's my Zippcast page: http://www.zippcast.com/user/shadowsonic06 <br /><br />Here's my Wattpad page: http://www.wattpad.com/user/shadowsonic06<br /><br />And, obviously this is my Dailymotion page.<br /><br />Programs I use: iMovie 11 (looking for other programs though)<br />I try to set all the videos I made in 2012 in HD in this site and Youtube. So watch them all in HD. It's not gonna kill ya.<br /><br />If Youtube makes a great impact and changes their layout on March 7, I'll probably won't be in Youtube as much as I want to. I'll go to Dailymotion and Zippcast. But, I'm NOT leaving Youtube. I mean, sure I'm going to miss my channel page, but it's not going to be the end. <br /><br />Okay, Zippcast is DOWN for now!!! Once it's back on, I'll update this description... Until then, here's what Zippcast is about:<br />Everyone who loves the old Youtube layout (2008 version) and will miss it so much, I found an alternative website. It's called zippcast.com. It's so much like Youtube, but better. We all like to make and create our videos, but you can also upload pictures, audio files, and so much more. You could still create MEPs, make video responses, etc. I advise you to go ahead and make your Zippcast page. But, I must warn you: IGNORE THE PEOPLE WHO WANT YOU TO SUB 4 SUB!!!. I absolutely hate it when people want to sub 4 sub. Oh, and be very patient with the site please. They are still making a few adjustments. <br /><br />Subscribe, comment, be friends with me, and do whatever you want to do here. But any negativity will not be allowed anywhere. :)